Is WWE NXT UK's Future In Jeopardy?

Major questions surround the future of the sub-brand of WWE's sub-brand.


NXT UK's future remains in the balance as WWE navigates the increasingly difficult global health crisis through cost-cutting and downsizing.

A brief note in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that while only Kassius Ohno has been cut from the British product's roster thus far, nobody is certain on the British product's status at the moment. This is understandable, given that NXT UK has always been a money-losing brand that was only ever established to counter ITV's long-dead World of Sport product, damaging the national independent scene in the process.

The United Kingdom's lockdown restrictions make it impossible for WWE to produce new NXT UK content at this time. Batched tapings like those underway in Florida aren't an option and the promotion has run out of fresh footage, leaving them no choice but to air clip shows interspersed with talking heads. Last night's broadcast saw them air the wonderful Tyler Bate vs. WALTER clash from last year's TakeOver: Cardiff.


How WWE will handle the NXT UK situation will be interesting to follow, as the brand currently faces months on the sidelines. We'll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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