Is WWE's Alexa Bliss 'Removing' The Fiend From Bray Wyatt?

Limbo is no place for a soul like yours.


Alexa Bliss is becoming steadily infatuated with The Fiend. At the same time, we keep hearing about Bray Wyatt taking a face turn. Something doesn't quite add up.

WWE is normally so consistent with its storytelling, but what's happening now could lead into some very deep and personal transitions, with long-term story arcs written all over them - especially for Bray Wyatt.

There are a lot of ways creative could play the face angle for Bray and, yes, a monster like The Fiend. After all, us dads remember feeling empathy for Kane 20 years ago, when Tori and X-Pac screwed him. What if, however, something a little weirder and smarter happens this time around? What if Bray 'loses' The Fiend to Alexa Bliss, or to put another way, what if The Fiend 'abandons' Bray in favour of a new host?


It seems obvious by the introduction of Wobbly Walrus that Bray has unfinished business with Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and The Universal title (Yup, that same title that Alexa was eyeing up the other week on SmackDown). Whilst it's clear that the newly-dubbed Tribal Chief has his arc fully entrenched in family matters, and rightly so, he and The Fiend may be good for just one more title match.

Naturally, Reigns will wreck and leave. There ain't no way in hell Bray is winning his fetching neckpiece back, and while Reigns exits the feud once and for all, assured in his position as a dominant family member, Bray's own family suddenly falls apart. He has failed The Fiend for the last time.


Just to clarify beyond reasonable doubt, Bray Wyatt, in all his sweater-wearing childlike charm, is not The Fiend. The Fiend is something different. Bray has consistently used the phrase 'Let him in', except now, through his numerous mistakes, he inadvertently appears to have 'Let him out...'

Bray Wyatt Fiend Alexa Bliss

And so begins a not-so-peaceful transition of power. If the Eater of Worlds can exist inside a severed head with a lantern stuffed inside the neck, it's likely that The Fiend can exist solely inside a mask. As we've seen, that mask, and the forces within it, have been calling out to Alexa Bliss for rather a while.


One can imagine a horrifically ceremonious in-ring moment when Bliss rips that mask from Bray's face and places it on her own. In that moment of ultimate weakness, and with no evil entities to substantiate his charisma, Wyatt instantly becomes a shell of a man. Bray Wyatt? Vulnerable? Well, if he's not vulnerable, then why is he keeping a pig-faced effigy of his supposedly 'overweight' gimmick from his NXT days close to his person? The Fiend heralded the truest successful run of Bray's career. The Fiend was Bray's mojo. Without it, what is Bray?

This is an opportunity to witness the brand of theatrics that Windham Lawrence Rotunda, aka, Bray Wyatt, could really sink his jaws into. Suffice to say, he will be legit babyface through and through. It will be devastating to see him so broken. The battle to rebuild himself will be long and hard, wrought with emotion, and a marked level of humanity. Just like the Firefly Funhouse promos before it, we'll never know that Bray had it in him.

Meanwhile, The Fiend finds a new stomping ground. With the relevant signature moves perfectly emulated, Alexa Bliss bulldozes through the women's division with refreshed vigour, and a level of menace we already know she is amazing at pulling off, if only it had a fresh run. Perhaps Bliss-Fiend will gun for a certain other mask-wearing, belt-wielding competitor with a knack for theatrics. Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka? Sow the seeds now, and that feud may well germinate around late April next year. *Winks*.

And perhaps, just to end this theory on a supremely wild note, Alexa tags her re-brand with the nickname, 'The Angel with Burnt Wings'.

The uber-Bray Wyatt geeks will get that one.

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