It's Official: John Cena Is Still A Huge Draw For WWE

Announce Cena, sell more tickets. It really is that simple for WWE in 2021...

John Cena

John Cena remains a big draw for WWE's ticket-buying fanbase.

Dave Meltzer has a report in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter highlighting Cena's box office prowess, pointing out the extent to which WWE's ticket sales have sped up since the 16-time World Champion was announced for them.

24 July's Pittsburgh, PA house show saw sales spike by between 1,200 and 1,500 after Cena's name was announced. WWE then ended up selling 6,000 the following night in Lousiville, KY, when the show had only 3,800 out prior to confirmation of John's attendance.


This week's Raw ended up with around 2,400 more fans in the building than would have been expected without the returnee, finishing on 6,700 paid. Meltzer notes that around 500 to 700 can be attributed to normal sales patterns, though news that Cena was going to be in attendance would have still helped shift around 1,900.

Cena was recently added to WWE's upcoming September show in Madison Square Garden, the promotion's old spiritual home. Ticket sales have struggled so far but it's easy to see why WWE have called on John after looking at the numbers above.

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