It's Time For NJPW's Super Jr's To Headline Wrestle Kingdom

Will Ospreay was the hottest wrestler of 2019. Let him main event with opponent Hiromu Takahashi.


Will Ospreay proved without a shadow of a doubt in 2019 that he's more than just a High Spot Machine – in fact, while Kenny Omega was losing steam by putting together a new promotion in the States, Ospreay took the industry's top spot with authority and, objectively, has cemented his spot as the Best Wrestler in the World.

Ridiculously, the "Aerial Assassin" has garnered a 4.5 star or better rating from Dave Meltzer in twenty one (21!!) matches this year. So it makes sense the buzz surrounding his Wrestle Kingdom bout with returning fan favorite "Ticking Time Bomb" Hiromu Takahashi is off the charts, and you know what? Those guys deserve to main event the damn thing.

It's something Ospreay acknowledged in a recent presser, saying, "Think about what is going to happen when Hiromu Takahashi comes back and has a match with the wrestler of the year: me. When people left or asked for time off, I stepped in. Are we going to pretend the junior heavyweights don’t exist?"

For his part, Takahashi agreed.

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