Jack Swagger Wins On MMA Debut

Former wrestler comes out on top at Bellator 214.


Former Real American Jack 'Swagger' Hager has, unlike ex-colleague CM Punk, enjoyed a successful debut following his transition to MMA, winning his first match in the discipline.

The record-holding amateur wrestler submitted opponent J.W. Kiser in the first round of his fight at last night's Bellator 214. Hager was on top from the very start, catching Kiser with a punch before wrestling him to the ground.

After just two minutes, it was all over, as Kiser tapped to a head and arm choke.


Speaking after the successful contest, Hager committed his future to Bellator, and made a laboured pun at the expense of former boss Vince McMahon:

"Sometimes to convince Vince, you have to con Vince."

Mic man John McCarthy looked on somewhat bewildered.


In spite of the gentle barbs towards his ex-employer, Hager's one-time WWE colleague R-Truth was on-hand to rap over his entrance music, which incorporated his "We The People" catchphrase. We guess whilst he is still making a name for himself in MMA, he's prepared to leverage his pro past.


Hager requested his WWE release in March 2017 after 11 years on WWE's books, during which time he experienced an improbable albeit short run with the World Heavyweight Championship. Since then, he has been a regular on Lucha Underground and the independent circuit.

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