Jack Swagger Wins Second MMA Fight

Former WWE star Jake Hager made short work of T.J. Jones last night.


Piece of cake, this MMA business isn't it? It is if you're Jake Hager, anyway, who steamrolled to his second successive fight victory at Bellator 221 last night.

Hager - better known as from his time in WWE as Real American Jack Swagger - made short work of T.J. Jones, submitting him with a nasty head and choke in the first round.

Jones' resistance lasted just moments, before Hager put the choke on him for another decisive notch in the win column.


The former WWE Champion began his MMA career back in January, seeing off the challenge of J.W. Kiser in similarly speedy fashion.

After the fight, the 37 year old showed charisma on the mic which rarely troubled his WWE run, quipping, "I thought the ref was him" in reference to Jones. "You know what, I'm rock hard right now with emotion," he continued. "I got a boner."



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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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