Jake Hager Urges WWE's Rusev To "Leave That *sshole Company"

AEW star reaches out to beleaguered WWE cuckolding victim.

Jake Hager
Scott Lesh Photography/AEW

Always a tremendously entertaining social media wind-up merchant, Rusev hit Twitter to address a fan criticising his ongoing storyline with wife Lana and love rival Bobby Lashley this weekend, posting the following in response to the suggestion that WWE should drop the controversial cuckery segments:-

This provoked a response from one of his old WWE rivals, as AEW's Jake Hager chimed in with the since-deleted idea that 'The Bulgarian Brute' "leave her [Lana] and that *sshole company," which, per EWrestlingNews.com, came with "#ImWithAEW."


Rusev's WWE future is a constant source of speculation. Barely a quarter passes without suggestions that the former United States Champion is unhappy with his position in the company, though he and Lana are yet to engineer a departure from Vince McMahon's promotion, suggesting they aren't as unsettled as many assume.

Hager, meanwhile, is currently enjoying a new lease of life in AEW. He hasn't wrestled for the promotion but is well-established as Chris Jericho's muscle in the Inner Circle, administering several brutal beatdowns on the company's babyface roster since arriving last month, with All Elite giving him the freedom to continue his MMA career at the same time.

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