Jeff Hardy Calls A Recent WWE Feud "Empowering"

"I'm blessed to do this - I want to help people that have struggled like me".

Jeff Hardy described his feud with Sheamus on SmackDown over the summer as "empowering" during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Hardy has since jumped over to Raw in the 2020 Draft and launched into another rivalry over his "personal demons" with Elias, but he pinpointed the Sheamus storyline specifically as a cathartic experience.

Jeff said "admitting on TV" that he's an alcoholic was like therapy. He wants to use his own personal struggles away from the ring to help others come to terms with their own addictions. That's actually pretty cool, although WWE did receive a lot of backlash for their p*ss-soaked storytelling during the Sheamus angle.


Those comedic flourishes didn't affect Jeff's outlook - he only wants to "set an example" for other folks going through a recovery process.

Hardy also revealed that he wants to headline WrestleMania before hanging up his boots. That's a personal goal, and Jeff knows he'll probably have to force his way into either the WWE or Universal Title conversations for it to happen.


What do you think of WWE using Hardy's personal demons in storyline? Also, would you like to see him main event 'Mania before retiring?

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