Jeff Jarrett Confirms He Reached Out To CM Punk

Jarrett offered Punk the opportunity to colour commentate Wrestling Kingdom 9 PPV.

Cm Punk Jeff Jarrett Jeff Jarrett confirmed that he reached out to CM Punk prior to his big UFC announcement, according to an interview he conducted with Wrestling News World this week. The website recently interviewed Global Force Wrestling€™s mouth piece about a number of subjects relating to his upcoming project, which has been in the pipeline for several months. The interview itself was sparse in terms of any real details about when Jarrett€™s new promotion might make it to television etc, but the real interesting titbit was the revelation about Punk. According to Jarrett he tried to get the former wrestler to agree to sit beside Jim Ross and provide commentary on the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 9 pay per view which he is co-promoting under the GFW banner. This might seem far-fetched but let€™s not forget that only a couple of years back while nursing an injury Punk began to appear on RAW and the original NXT as a colour commentator. Despite being out of his comfort zone the man who calls himself the Best in the World managed to outshine and outperform his broadcast colleagues at every turn. Having him sit alongside good old Jim Ross would have been a wrestling enthusiast€™s wet dream, but alas it was not to be. As we all know by now Punk has decided to knock wrestling on the head and concentrate solely on becoming a competitor in UFC. But unlike his time in WWE Punk won€™t be working a full time schedule and when he isn€™t training will have time for neat little side projects. Who€™s to say that he isn€™t willing to consider calling the odd wrestling show now and then when he isn€™t too busy writing comic books?
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