Jeff Jarrett Will Wrestle An Actual WWE Match On Monday

Did anyone see this day coming 20 years ago?

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WWE have announced that Jeff Jarrett will square off with Elias in singles competition on this coming week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

Jarrett, recently hired by the company as both a producer and part-time performer, made a surprise cameo at the start of the men's Royal Rumble last Sunday, interrupting an impromptu Elias concert with some strumming and strutting of his own. He ate a guitar to the back for his troubles.

Double-J, this time with former lackey Road Dogg in tow, was again on the receiving end of the Raw songster's six-string last Monday.

Now WWE have confirmed the pair will meet one-on-one (delightfully describing Elias as 'the treacherous troubador').

An actual Jeff Jarrett match in a WWE ring is something we did not expect to see in 2019 - but it's something we welcome with open arms. Jarrett, quite apart from some transient legends, can still go, and there's few today who match his delicious worked punches.

Let's just hope he's wearing a more flattering outfit than last Sunday, eh?

After nearly two decades on the company's naughty step, Jarrett was let back in by WWE last year, when he was inducted into the company's Hall of Fame. Keeping his vast experience and considerable network of contacts out of AEW's mitts now seems to be the main concern. If we get one last Double-J run out of it, so be it.

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