Jey Uso Reveals When The Usos Will Reunite As A WWE Tag-Team

The Usos put WWE's tag-team division on notice.

Jey Uso must be enjoying the chance to strike out on his own as a singles star opposite real-life cousin Roman Reigns on SmackDown, but he hasn't forgotten his bread and butter.

During a kayfabe-heavy interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, the Universal Title challenger revealed exactly when his brother Jimmy would be back in action. In between trying to convince everyone that Reigns is really playing the mean heel and doesn't relish this match just as much as Uso, Jey said that Jimmy would return in "January/February" 2021.

He'll be back before WrestleMania 37, in other words.


This is great news for anybody who has missed The Usos as a tag-team on Friday nights. They've been one of the most consistent double acts for years now, and the SmackDown duos division could really use their star power.

Jimmy and Jey would be awesome opponents for current champs Cesaro and Shinsuke Namamura, for example, and it wouldn't be a huge surprise if that's something WWE had pencilled in for 'Mania season.


In the meantime, Jey will continue to kill it as a solo act. It's not his long-term plan though.

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