Jim Cornette Claims Shawn Michaels Wanted "Special Security" For WrestleMania XIV

"Michaels was calling and complaining constantly in Boston that weekend!"

Shawn Michaels WrestleMania XIV

Jim Cornette claimed on a recent episode of his 'Drive-Thru' podcast that Shawn Michaels did everything in his power to make life difficult for WWE during WrestleMania XIV weekend.

According to the outspoken traditionalist, Michaels demanded "special security", a "separate dressing room" and other add-ons if he was going to drop the World Title to Stone Cold Steve Austin. When pressed on exactly what "special security" was, Cornette said that Shawn didn't have a clue himself.

He just wanted to make demands and be a "pain in the ass".


Corny believes this was HBK's way of throwing a hissy fit, and thinks he was only trying to plant seeds of doubt in Vince McMahon's mind before cutting him loose as champ and going with someone new. Jim thought at the time Shawn was trying to "keep them on edge", and he's still sure of it to this day.

This certainly sounds like the kind of behaviour Michaels would've tried back in the 90s. By his own admission, the legend wasn't exactly easy to deal with.


Cornette said Shawn was "calling and complaining constantly" all weekend long to try and get some last-minute extras.

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