Jim Ross Confirmed For WCPW Refuse To Lose

The greatest announcer of a generation is on his way to WCPW.

Jim Ross

WCPW has announced that the legendary Jim Ross will provide commentary for the promotion's first iPPV, WCPW: Refuse To Lose on October 6th.

Yesterday, WCPW announced that Jim Cornette is to be a part of a three-man commentary booth along with Alex Shane but not unlike the New World Order back in 1996, the identity of the third man was a mystery.

We can confirm today that the third man is none other than Good Ol' JR himself.


Yes, the most iconic commentator of an entire generation is on his way to What Culture Pro Wrestling. JR will call the action at Refuse to Lose alongside Cornette and Shane, on what is shaping up to be a very special night of professional wrestling indeed.

The show will be headlined by none other than the Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle, who will face the winner of the Kurt Angle Invitational Elimination Rumble. Elsewhere on the card Jay Lethal will defend his ROH World Championship against El Ligero, and Cody Rhodes will face British wrestling legend Doug Williams.


WCPW Refuse to Lose takes place on October 6th at the Northumbria Student Union in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Tickets are available right now, starting from £20.

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