Jim Ross Sees WWE's Velveteen Dream As A WrestleMania Headliner

The Dream has become an expert at making the wrestling world say his name.

NXT TakeOver Chicago 2 Velveteen Deeam

Velveteen Dream has become an expert at making the wrestling world say his name. While the colourful charisma and creative antics of the purple prince of NXT has put Dream's name on the tip of many tongues, it is his impressive athletic ability and notable knack for in-ring story-telling that has effectively backed up his persona.

The latest respected industry figure to give Velveteen Dream an honourable nod is legendary commentator and podcaster, Jim Ross.

Dream had another remarkable showing at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 against EC3. While it remains to be seen if his custom "Call me up, Vince" tights gained some positive attention from the big man upstairs, it clearly caught the eye of former head of talent relations, Jim Ross.


"This kid is going to be phenomenal," JR stated on The Ross Report.


In addition to his flamboyant uniqueness and his fearlessness to "try bold things", Ross also noted that Dream simply has "too much charisma [and] too much athleticism" not to make the main event.

"Mark my words, maybe two or three years, maybe a little longer, not much, top of the card at WrestleMania," said Ross. "I like this kid."


With a slew of programs with the top talent of NXT under his belt, there isn't much else for Dream to accomplish on the yellow brand other than capturing championship gold. While it might take a few more NXT TakeOvers to get there, endorsements from the likes of Jim Ross continues to prove that Velveteen Dream is en route to an inevitable main roster call-up.

Transcript: Wrestling Inc.

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