Jimmy Wang Yang Already Finished With WWE Producer Role

The former Jung Dragon had been serving as a producer since October.

Jimmy Wang Yang

Having recently partaken in a tryout for a WWE producer role, James Yun - best known to wrestling fans as Jimmy Wang Yang - has now once more departed Vince McMahon's sports entertainment juggernaut.

As per PWInsider, Yun decided the job wasn't for him, and thus opted to make his WWE exit to seek pastures new. The former Jung Dragon had been in this role since October of this year.

In terms of Yun's work during this tryout, he's credited as producing Reggie's win over R-Truth on the 2 December edition of WWE Main Event, worked with Shawn Daivari to produce Damian Priest's victory over Apollo on the 29 November Raw, and teamed with D'Von Dudley to oversee Angel and Rick Boogs' Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown on the 26 November outing for SmackDown.


Having been with WCW from 1999 to 2001, Yun joined WWE when the promotion assimilated World Championship Wrestling. That initial run in WWE developmental saw him released in January 2002, before he'd later return to the company in 2003 as Akio, one of Tajiri's villainous associates. That tenure came to an end in 2005, and Yun would once more be rebranded - this time as Jimmy Wang Yang - when he returned to the company in 2006. He would remain with the company for a further four years.

In addition to his WWE spells and WCW run, James Yun also had notable stints in AJPW, TNA and ROH.


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