Jinder Mahal Returns To WWE

Jinder Mahal blasts back into WWE action with the help of some new friends.

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal is back in WWE, having seemingly formed a new alliance with ex-NXT tag team Indus Sher.

Last night's pre-Raw Main Event tapings saw Mahal returned to the ring to face Jeff Hardy. Indus Sher's Rinku Singh and Dilsher Shanky accompanied Mahal to the ring and helped him score the win over Hardy, who was working his first WWE match since March.

WWE fans last saw Jinder, Singh, and Shanky at Superstar Spectacle, the January 2021 Network special aimed at showcasing the company's Indian-born wrestlers ahead of a potential NXT India show. Singh and Mahal were on opposite sides of a six-man tag that night, with Mahal and The Bollywood Boys falling to Drew McIntyre and Indus Sher.


That was Mahal's first WWE match since May 2020, when he went down with a serious knee injury. His new allies looked to be settling into a semi-regular role on NXT television last spring but were abruptly pulled from television in June.

There's currently no word on a name for this new unit. It's interesting, too, that WWE opted to re-debut the trio on one of its least important shows.


See below for some images of Jinder's comeback.

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