Joey Mercury Files Lawsuit Against Ring Of Honor

Former WWE star Joey Mercury files lawsuit against ROH over forced resignation.

Joey Mercury

Joey Mercury has filed a lawsuit against both Ring of Honor and Sinclair Broadcasting for being misclassified as an independent contractor and forced resignation, according to WrestleZone.

The real-life Adam Birch has claimed that he was classed as an employee and not an independent contractor during his spell with the company from May 2018 to October 2019 as a trainer and agent. On top of this, the former WWE star also stated that he was forced to resign due to Ring of Honor's “lack of concern for the talent”, while also noting that his departure was brought about due to his increased workload within the company not leading to a “commensurate increase” in his pay.

Birch also notes in his lawsuit that he addressed ROH and Sinclair's lack of safety protocols and medical supervision during bouts in the ring whilst under contract, expressing concern on both fronts.


Another former ROH name also filed a lawsuit against the company in recent times, with former ROH Women’s Champion Kelly Klein accusing the promotion of employment discrimination.

With both of these suits being filed over the last month, we'll have to see how the promotion reacts and how both cases unfold should they go to court.



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