Joey Ryan Shoots On Controversial AEW Botch

D*ck wrestler tells people to stop being d*cks about wrestler.

Joey Ryan
Lucha Underground

Joey Ryan is the latest wrestler to speak out on a divisive closing angle to AEW Dynamite's last show of 2019, but has at least come to the defence of the organisation and performers in question.

A Dark Order assault on The Elite had already suffered heavy criticism thanks to the Sports Entertainment nature of the angle before Twitter user @ItsKlondikeBill posted a video of one of the unnamed creepers missing Dustin Rhodes' head by a foot as he wailed away with worked punches in the closing attack.

Calling for a bit of decorum on a social media platform that so rarely has any, Ryan felt that some of the furore may have been forced, noting that; "These punches are not more fake than the outrage I'm reading over them". The balance was genuinely refreshing, no matter how daft the spot looked on endless Twitter rewatch.

With neither WWE nor AEW home to the 'Famous D*ck Wrestler', Ryan's statement appears unbiased and welcome in the face of numerous other wrestlers coming forward to criticise the unknown masked assailant and All Elite Wrestling in general.

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