John Cena Almost Turned Into WWE's HEEL BOXER

WWE had an interesting idea for John Cena's abandoned heel turn in 2011/2012.

John Cena The Rock

Sort of.

John Cena has revealed that he was all set to mix up his iconic gimmick during his feud with The Rock in 2011/2012 - 'Super Cena' was going to start wearing some boxing-style gear to the ring and possibly a singlet during matches.


The WWE legend told Chris Van Vliet's 'Insight' show that he even penned a brand new entrance track for the heel turn before getting cold feet on the whole thing. Cena realised that he'd probably have to give up doing Make-A-Wish appearances, and he'd have burned a hole in his own pocket by whipping all JC merch off the shelves (at least temporarily).

John's big plan was to come across as somebody who had gone "insane" and turned against all of his values. The more he stopped to think about it, including the idea of rocking some boxing robes to the ring, Cena began realising one thing: "It’s a bad idea!".


Initially, he was supposed to play the heel opposite Rocky heading into WrestleMania XXVIII. WWE left the final decision up to Cena, and it was he who scrapped the whole concept of a heel run.

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