John Cena And Miro Reunite At Suicide Squad Premiere

Old WWE rivals came back together during Cena's Suicide Squad showing.

John Cena Miro Rusev

Footage has emerged of old WWE rivals John Cena and Miro reuniting for a quick chat at The Suicide Squad's premiere.

Journalist Cinnabod Esnaashari shared the short video on his Twitter page, and wrestling fans were quick off the mark to marvel (maybe a poor choice of words?) over WWE and AEW stars coming together. This is the first time that Cena and Miro have been seen in the same place since the latter was Rusev and they were battling it out on WWE pay-per-views.

Miro, as Rusev, memorably wrestled JC at WrestleMania 31. That was just one chapter of an extensive feud that helped put the current AEW TNT Champion on the map. It seems he'll never forget that - Miro was all smiles as he hugged an in-costume Cena (who plays Peacemaker in the DC Films flick).


That's genuinely great to see.

Esnnashari's video didn't have excellent sound, so it was pretty hard to make out what both men were saying to one another. The exchange was definitely friendly though, and Miro couldn't stop beaming after going in for a quick cuddle.

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