John Cena Ate Up To 10,000 Calories Of Tic Tacs A Day

You can't see him, but just know his breath is minty fresh.

John Cena The Miz

John Cena hates the thought of having bad breath.

During his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the soon-to-be WWE comeback king told viewers that he once consumed around 10,000 calories of Tic Tac mints before each match or promos on shows. That, put another way, is almost 10,000 calories of pure sugar.

Hustle, Loyalty, Diabetes?

Cena was so paranoid about how his breath smelled to peers that he stuck to his quirky pre-performance routine for a good while. He'd eat approximately "three boxes" of the tiny mints throughout the day before episodes of Raw aired; "three boxes" might give the wrong impression. Cena wasn't talking about three tiny packs of Tic Tacs, he was talking about crates of the bloody things.

He'd eventually stop this ritual upon realising that it was likely rather bad for his body. Athletes don't typically consume that much sugar (bad breath or not), and Cena put a stop to his Tic Tac obsession before it got too out of hand and became an addiction.

John's clean diet was being totally spoiled by the mints, and he weaned himself off the confectionary.

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