John Cena Confirmed OUT Of WWE Crown Jewel

The 16-time World Champion will be pulled from WWE's Saudi Arabian PPV.

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John Cena will NOT be competing at WWE Crown Jewel on 2 November, according to a number of major wrestling news sources.

The first is Barstool Sports' Robbie Fox, who broke the story that Cena and Daniel Bryan were refusing to work in Saudi Arabia in the first place, and tweeted that John is "100% off the show" last night. POST Wrestling's John Pollock has since corroborated this, and Dave Meltzer covered the topic in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer confirms that WWE creative has been informed Cena won't be on the show, and therefore won't be involved in the World Cup tournament, and that the team were charged with coming up with a suitable replacement. This will likely be addressed through a TV angle next week, although WWE is yet to confirm or deny anything themselves.

There is no further information on Bryan, though Meltzer notes that if the former SmackDown General Manager doesn't compete at Crown Jewel, WWE will hold his match with AJ Styles on a different show, hence why they're still running angles.

Raw or SmackDown should bring news of Cena's replacement, but Bryan's situation is far from resolved.

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