John Cena On Real-Life WWE Feud: "I Was Wrong - I'm Sorry!"

WWE legend John Cena admits he got it badly wrong with THIS iconic rivalry.

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John Cena looks back on his antics during a heated real-life feud with The Rock and shakes his head. The legend is 100% happy to admit he "was wrong", and wants to say "sorry" for it.

Looking back, Cena told Howard Stern he regrets some of the things he said about Rocky not loving WWE because "[Rock] had a lot to lose". John works in Hollywood these days too, so he understands where Dwayne Johnson was coming from back then. That simply wasn't possible when JC was flying the flag for wrestling over mainstream entertainment.


He has more perspective on the argument in 2024.

During the chat, Cena told Stern he has to "eat a bunch of sh*t" in retrospect. He's actually kinda surprised that Rock was able to be so "professional and meticulous" during back-to-back matches at WrestleMania 28 and 29, because John went out of his way to verbally "jab" him as hard as he could.


Everything worked out well in the end, but Cena still wants to apologise for being so rough on someone for daring to pursue dreams beyond pro wrestling. How could he, eh?!

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