John Cena Reveals What He REALLY Thinks About Roman Reigns' WWE Transformation

Roman Reigns is earning plaudits for his WWE work, but what does John Cena think?

Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

John Cena thinks it's "very important to say that [Roman Reigns is] doing a great job".

Cena told Bleacher Report that he's been an interested onlooker during Roman's transition from superhero-like babyface character to cold, callous 'Head Of The Table' heel on SmackDown. JC was particularly intrigued to see how Reigns would handle the new role after so many years of being pushed as a concrete hero by Vince McMahon.

As a former McMahon golden boy himself, Cena knows first hand that it's always easy to move onto something new - John dearly misses day-to-day WWE life, but also believes "that part" of his life is very much over. Now, he's keen to see guys like Roman do everything they can to take business to new heights.


Cena admits he's not sure "what got [Reigns] over that hill", but he’s glad to see his old peer get over it. "That’s a very important one to jump over", he added.

Now, according to John, the next step for Roman is "entertaining the audience in ways they didn’t think he was capable of". If Reigns can do that, then Cena is expecting special things.

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