John Cena Teaming Up With Jackie Chan For Ex-Baghdad

Stallone out, Cena in...

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Though he says he's not done with WWE, John Cena is clearly enjoying his big chance to follow The Rock's lead into Hollywood with the likes of Blockers and Bumblebee on his CV. And thanks to surprisingly broad range, he's seen a variety of big projects coming into his agent's inbox.

The latest project he's been attached to is Ex-Baghdad, which was initially billed as Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan's first film together. However, Sly has now dropped out and John Cena is stepping into his shoes for the Chinese-made actioner.

The film's plot centers on an oil refinery in Mosul, Iraq, which is attacked and taken over by terrorists looking to steal the oil. It falls to Jackie Chan's security contractor to protect the refinery and he teams up with former marine Chris Saatchi (Cena) to thwart the plot.


All-in-all, it sounds more like what you'd expect from a WWE star turned actor, but it will still have lots of potential for fireworks with Chan involved. And Cena will certainly bring the chops and the charisma alongside him and it's likely to be a significantly different dynamic to when Stallone was still involved.

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