John Cena Wants Significant WWE WrestleMania 36 Role

Dr. of Thuganomics wants "substantial role" in Tampa.

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We haven't seen much of John Cena in WWE lately, ever since he swapped the squared circle for the silver screen. In fact, big John has only wrestled two matches for the promotion this entire year, way way back in January - though he did roll back the clock for a one-off 'Dr. of Thuganomics' cameo at WrestleMania which absolutely sent the crowd through the roof.

The good news for WWE officials scrabbling for stars is that Cena has his eyes on another big WrestleMania appearance next April. According to WrestleVotes, the Blockers stars isn't interested in just popping his head through the door, but wants to "do something substantial" at the show.

Apparently, this particular 'Mania is close to Cena's heart, as it's emanating from Tampa - the city in which he currently resides.


Of course, absolutely nothing is confirmed at present, though we can only imagine WWE would bite the hand of Cena to have him make a major appearance come WrestleMania. Retirement match versus The Undertaker? Oh, go on then.

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Editorial Team

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