John Laurinaitis Gets Engaged To Bella Twins' Mother

People Power is running wild!

John Laurinaitis is engaged to Kathy Colace, the mother of Nikki and Brie Bella. The future Mrs Laurinaitis, an entrepreneur from Arizona, announced the pair's engagement via a couple of posts on her Instagram page. The first shows the current power couple of WWE, Nikki Bella and John Cena, out for dinner with the new 'people power' couple of Laurinaitis and Colace accompanied by the caption: "Special night. Birthday dinner and my engagement. #peoplepower #BellaArmy." The second shows a glass with "Future Mrs Laurinaitis" emblazoned on it. Kathy is often shown with her daughters on Total Divas and has been pictured at numerous WWE events down the years. This presumably explains where the will-be-weds met as Laurinaitis reportedly still works behind the scenes for WWE as a road agent. He also appeared at this year's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony where he inducted The Bushwackers. But it is as Executive VP, Talent Relations, General Manager of RAW where Johnny Ace found his most fame. Following a 'strike' by members of the WWE roster as a result of Triple H's management in October 2010, Laurinaitis was announced by Vince McMahon on behalf of the Board of Directors as the new Interim RAW General Manager. He certainly had an eventful year-and-a-half in charge, which culminated in his career being put on the line in a match featuring John Cena against Big Show in a steel cage. When Cena overcame the odds to win, Laurinaitis was fired by Mr. McMahon and then dumped through a Spanish announce table by the Superstar. That must have made the first of the double dates pictured above a little bit awkward... Nevertheless, all the best to the happy couple!

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