John Morrison Signs With WWE

Johnny Stamford.

Johnny RAW?

Johnny SmackDown?

Johnny NXT?


Johnny 205 Live?

Johnny NXT UK?


All will be revealed soon, per a breaking report from PWInsider: the former John Morrison, returning after an eight-year absence, has re-signed with WWE.

Morrison is a former multi-time midcard champion in WWE, and spent his time away from the company as one of the key figures behind the rise of Lucha Underground, in which his unique ring style meshed very well with the promotion's brand of in-ring storytelling. He also starred in Impact Wrestling, and has the distinction of creating one of the promotion's few buzz-worthy (in-ring) stories of recent years, in which Austin Aries "no-sold" the finish of Bound For Glory 2018. That match was well-received by critics, who generally praised his post-WWE output for its expression and class.


It's an astute move from WWE; Morrison is a dependable veteran who remains in astonishing physical condition, and while no details have emerged on the financial side of the deal, he must've took some persuading: by all accounts, Morrison held ambitions to break through in Hollywood.

There is no word yet on where Morrison might land, but to speculate, the path seems blocked, for now, on the old way of promoting NXT talent to the main roster. And, since the brand split will require immediate star power...

...Johnny Fox?

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