Johnny Gargano SHOOTS On WWE "Main Roster" Perceptions

"That's BS! That's complete garbage!"


Johnny Gargano conducted a strictly in-character interview with TMZ yesterday, during which he had some strong, strong words for people who use terms like "developmental brand" and "minor leagues" when talking about NXT.

Here's the relevant clip:-

Gargano ad the following to say on the matter:-


"That's bullsh*t! That's complete garbage and it's something that me and a lot of people have worked to dispel for a very long time. Anyone out there that uses the words 'main roster' when talking about Raw and SmackDown... how about you watch the show on Wednesday night? You'll see the real main roster. You'll see the best wrestling show on the planet. You will see the best locker-room on the planet led by me."

Johnny's bullishness comes from his recent heel turn at TakeOver: Portland, where he cost friend-turned-enemy-turned-friend-turned-enemy Tommaso Ciampa the NXT Championship in the night's main event with Adam Cole. The duo could now clash over WrestleMania 36 weekend in Tampa, with Ciampa cutting a p*ssed-off promo on last week's NXT.


Gargano wasn't on NXT himself last week. Ciampa is set to wrestle Austin Theory this coming Wednesday, so perhaps Johnny will show up during that.

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