Jon Moxley Appears At AEW Double Or Nothing

Former Dean Ambrose surprises Chris Jericho at close of AEW's first show.

Dean Ambrose Double or Nothing

After Chris Jericho had eventually dispatched Kenny Omega in a gruelling encounter at tonight's Double or Nothing, he grabbed the house mic and demanded the crowd in Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena show him gratitude for putting All Elite Wrestling on the map.

Before the red-faced, red-chested Y2J could lap up his adulation, he was interrupted by none other than Jon flippin' Moxley, better known to WWE fans as Dean Ambrose.

Moxley, making his first wrestling appearance since his WWE departure at the end of April, hit Jericho with the Dirty Deeds, before laying the ref out with the same move. He then turned his attention to the fallen Kenny Omega, laying on a vicious beating that went all the way up the ramp.

The closing scene of Double or Nothing saw the newly refocused and newly vicious Moxley fling The Cleaner off the elaborate poker chip set to the floor below. It was awesome.

Presumably, then, this moves Omega away from Jericho, and nicely sets up his next programme opposite arguably AEW's biggest signing to date. Wowser!

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