Jon Moxley Gets Classic Song For His New AEW Entrance Theme

Tony Khan pulls another rabbit out of his licensed entrance theme hat.

Jon Moxley

All Elite Wrestling gave Jon Moxley a new entrance theme for last night's Dynamite, as the reigning IWGP United States Champion hit the ring to The Troggs' Wild Thing for his match with Yuji Nagata.

Moxley had previously used the Violent Idols' instrumental track, Unscripted Violence, for the duration of his AEW stay. Now, it appears that Tony Khan has scored another licensed song for use in his promotion - though this is yet to be confirmed.

March saw Khan acquire the rights to The Pixies' Where Is My Mind? for Orange Cassidy. The AEW president has also licensed Baltimora's Tarzan Boy for Jungle Boy, as well as securing Ol' 55 by Tom Waits for use in Brodie Lee tribute packages.


In wrestling, Wild Thing is best known as the entrance theme of the legendary Atushi Onita. Many a parallel can be drawn between the deathmatch icon and Moxley, particularly after Revolution 2021's exploding barbed wire bout, from their similar violent swagger to their shared fondness for leather jackets. Entrance music is now another.

Onita appeared briefly on AEW television in the build to Revolution, putting the exploding deathmatch's threat level over.

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