Jon Moxley Makes Cameo On WWE Backstage Live Stream

Dean Ambrose returns to WWE?! Not really, but still...

Jon Moxley WWE Backstage

All Elite Wrestling World Champion Jon Moxley made a surprise appearance on last night's special WWE Backstage live stream.

This episode took on a different format to usual, with host Renee Young and guests Xavier Woods and Booker T broadcasting from their respective homes following FOX Sports' decision to shut down all studio shows as a result of the ongoing global crisis. Branded a "Watch With" special, it saw Moxley creep into Young's feed as the WWE team was breaking down this week's WWE Raw.

Mox walked up to his wife's side, holding their dog, with Booker yelling "cameo! Cameo! That's what this show's all about. That's live TV, baby!"

Here's the clip:-

Just Jon Moxley screwing around and being Jon Moxley, then. Tremendous stuff.

The AEW Champion has now been gone from WWE for close to a year. Released from the promotion on 30 April 2019, the former Dean Ambrose described a messy, ugly divorce from WWE on Talk is Jericho soon after, before making quick, internet-breaking debuts in both AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is now AEW's leading light, having taken the top strap from Chris Jericho in February.

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