Juice Robinson Finished With ROH, NJPW Talent Don't Want To Work With Them

Plus Davey Boy Smith Jr. ends time in Japan.

Juice Robinson Davey Boy Smith Jr

It looks as though Juice Robinson's time with Ring Of Honor may have come to an end. According to the Voices of Wrestling Patreon podcast - which you can support here - Robinson, who two weeks back lost his NJPW US Championship to a debuting Jon Moxley, is said to have been unhappy with the company and has asked to not be booked in the future.

The former CJ Parker joined Ring Of Honor last year alongside Dave Finlay, as well as a posse including Bandido, Mark Haskins, Tracy Williams and Tenille Dashwood, collectively known as 'Lifeblood'. With Juice squeezed out, it's unclear what the direction for the stable is going forwards.

Robinson isn't the only man in New Japan unhappy with ROH. Lanza and Rich further discussed that talent in Japan's top promotion no longer want to be associated with the indie, as it undermines their appeal.


Ring Of Honor's status within the wrestling world has been dramatically displaced thanks to the emergence of All Elite Wrestling, with many top talent departing for Tony Khan's group.

One man who could be ROH-bound in the near future is Davey Boy Smith Jr., as he seeks fresh pastures after reportedly finishing up his duties with NJPW. Though it's unknown whether Smith choose to walk or was pushed, he has been very vocal about his creative frustrations with New Japan in recent days.

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