Jungle Boy Wants To Wrestle THIS Released NXT Star In AEW

AEW's breakout babyface reveals which released WWE NXT star he'd most like to wrestle.

Jake Atlas WWE NXT

Jungle Boy has told Renee Paquette's 'Oral Sessions' podcast that he'd "love" to wrestle recently-released NXT man Jake Atlas at some point in the future.

Specifically, JB wants to work with Atlas in AEW. This might's been a hint that the breakout babyface will do everything in his power to convince Tony Khan that signing Jake would be a great idea - after all, as Boy revealed on the pod, Atlas is his "best friend" away from the ring.

Together, the pair had some of Jungle Boy's favourite matches on the independent circuit. Now, JB is keen to repeat those days "on a bigger stage". He ended his chat about Atlas by saying, "Fingers crossed".


Atlas was let go by WWE (the official reason was due to budget cuts) on 6 August. Before that, he'd dipped in and out as a regular on NXT, but had some nifty matches against everyone from Santos Escobar to Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott on the third brand.

Could an AEW run be in his future? Don't rule it out. Atlas clearly has friends in high places, and Jungle Boy isn't keeping quiet about his desire to work with his mate again.

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