Kairi Sane Leaving WWE

Sky Pirate to set sail.


Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kairi Sane is leaving WWE and "returning to Japan to be with her husband". She made the decision around "May if not earlier".

Author's note:

No exact reason is cited as the motivation behind her departure, but since WWE had no significant use, inexplicably, for her natural babyface persona, she was never likely to reach her enormous crossover potential. That she excelled in a miscast heel role is a saddening testament to her talent.


Sane was the victim of no less than three controversial and serious injury incidents on WWE TV of late, which, if they didn't directly inform her decision to leave, hardly cast WWE's working environment in a positive light; everybody noticed that she had suffered a head injury at TLC '19 before WWE's medical staff, somehow. Moreover, she was twice injured in matches with Nia Jax earlier this year.

Per industry whispers that have since quietened, she had planned to wrestle in Japan for one more year before retiring outright.


She hasn't made her last appearance for the promotion, however; she is scheduled to appear at tonight's RAW tapings at the Performance Center, per Dave Meltzer's report, allowing her in theory to appear on the July 6 and or July 13 episodes.

This might involve a career-ending injury angle - that was reportedly planned originally when she informed WWE that she was allowing her contract to lapse - but this was a Paul Heyman idea and has likely been scrapped.

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