Kalisto Becomes New WWE Cruiserweight Champion On Raw

Enzo Amore's reign ends after just 15 days.

Kalisto Cruiserweight Champion

One week removed from first entering the division on the October 2nd episode of Monday Night Raw, Kalisto is the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

The former Lucha Dragon took the title by pinning Enzo Amore in a lumberjack match on last night's Raw. With the 205 Live roster surrounding the ring, Kalisto put his opponent away following a top rope Salida del Sol in little over eight minutes, ending the former champion's reign at just 15 days and a single title defence.

Kalisto was added to the cruiserweight division when WWE's other 205lbers violated a 'no contact' agreement stating that they'd forgo all future title shots by laying a hand on Amore. Led by Neville, the group laid Enzo out during his 'Certified G Championship Celebration' two weeks ago, and while 'The Realest Guy In The Room' presumed this left him without challengers, Kurt Angle introduced Kalisto on October 2nd.


Amore's initial title win sparked controversy at No Mercy, but the division has since closed three consecutive episodes of Raw, and his ascension had appeared to spark interest in WWE's lowliest brand, making Kalisto's win a considerable surprise.

Highlights from the match can be viewed below:-


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