Kalya Braxton Blows Up Instagram With Latest Picture

Kayla's latest IG post is causing quite the stir.

Kayla Braxton

With her latest Instagram post, WWE broadcaster Kayla Braxton has drawn quite the response.

In this slightly, err, cheeky post, Braxton has (as of this writing) has drummed up just shy of a whopping 65,000 likes and over 1,500 comments. To contrast this, Kayla usually tends to get between 15,000 - 25,000 likes and a few hundred comments for most of her IG posts.

Kayla Braxton Instagram
Instagram @kaylabraxtonwwe

The real-life Kayla Becker has been with WWE since October 2016, initially working with the NXT brand as a ring announcer, host and fleeting backstage presence.


By May of the following year, Braxton would make her official WWE PPV debut as a backstage interviewer for that year's Backlash show. Shortly after this, she'd also appear on Raw, SmackDown and 205 Live in addition to her continued NXT role.

Kayla formally departed WWE's black and gold brand in August 2019, and these days can be found as an interviewer on SmackDown, as a host of The Bump, and seemingly now as the co-host of Raw Talk after her time on Talking Smack looks to have come to an end.

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