Kane Says WWE Fans Didn't Appreciate How Entertaining THIS Legend Was

WWE fans idolised this wrestler's technical skills, but Kane thinks he was entertaining too.

Bret Hart WWE Championship

Kane thinks pro wrestling fans often take Bret Hart's entertainment value for granted.

The Hall Of Famer sat down with Bret and Jerry Lawler for a recent edition of 'Table For 3' on the WWE Network/Peacock. During that, Kane said Hart was "never the flashiest guy", and that led some to believe that he was quite boring.

People lauded Bret's technical skills between the ropes, but few would point to him as one of wrestling's best promos or someone who was able to have a laugh occasionally. According to Kane, that's unfair - he reckons the 'Hitman' has never been "appreciated enough for being a great entertainer" too".


Kane used Bret's 'Kiss My Foot' match with Lawler from the dreaded King Of The Ring 1995 pay-per-view as proof of Hart's ability to work lighthearted fare. That comedy-based bout was a departure from the more serious aspects of his character, admittedly, but it's rarely discussed because it happened on such a bogus PPV.

Is Bret overlooked as one of wrestling's greatest entertainers? Or, is Kane looking at things the wrong way and slating fans for no real reason?

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