Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows Move To WWE Raw From SmackDown

Last night brought ANOTHER post-Superstar Shake-Up move.

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are now WWE Raw Superstars, having made the jump from SmackDown Live in the company's latest post-Superstar Shake-Up move during last night's broadcast.

The Usos came to the ring halfway through Raw's first hour. Jimmy and Jey rapped and danced their way down the ramp, looking more excitable than usual, before Gallows and Anderson appeared. The announcers confirmed their brand switch, and the follically-challenged duo proceeded to lose a routine midcard tag to The Usos, falling to the top-rope splash.

The move leaves SmackDown's tag division ridiculously shorthanded, with an injured Hardy Boyz, The B-Team, Heavy Machinery, The Colons, and Rusev/Shinsuke Nakamura now comprising the group. Regardless, WWE probably weren't going to do much with Gallows and Anderson on the blue brand anyway, given their booking patterns on that show.

2019 has been a tumultuous year for the Good Brothers. As well as barely making television, they reportedly turned a new multi-million dollar contract offer down a short while ago, fuelling speculation that they'd leave for All Elite Wrestling when their current deals expire. There has been no further news on this front, but they weren't exactly jobbed out last night.

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