Karl Anderson: 'Too Sweet' Sign Is "F**in Dead"

'Too Sweet' has turned bitter.


The OC will no longer be flashing the 'Too Sweet' symbol in AEW, or any future promotion they alight in, if Karl Anderson's most recent social media comments are anything to go by.

The gesture, originally the call sign of the nWo, was latterly adopted by New Japan's Bullet Club as a way to pay homage to their anti-establishment forebears. The simple hand signal eventually became the source of legal ire, when, following a spoof of DX's WCW invasion by members of the BC in 2017, WWE sent the group a tremendously petty cease and desist letter. Though they couldn't in practice ban The Young Bucks et al. from flashing the sign, any merchandise featuring it was forcibly withdrawn from sale.

However, it gained a new currency in WWE amongst ex-Bullet Club members Finn Bálor, AJ Styles and The OC, who all on occasion pulled out the gesture as a knowing wink to fans of their past (in reality, this was WWE's way of co-opting the gesture's underground appeal). Memorably, The OC and Bálor bumped digits with The Kliq at Raw 25, in a sort-of attempt to unify the symbol.

Now that The OC are out of WWE, Anderson has insisted that's the last we'll see of 'Too Sweet'. He wrote on Twitter that they don't need a cease and desist to stop using it, saying "It’s gone, no more rub from us, consider it f*ckin dead."

That is to say: no more free promotion for WWE. It's in the past. 'Two Sweet' has turned bitter.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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