Keith Lee And Mia Yim Get Married

Free agent power couple get married just days after WWE no-compete expires.

Keith Lee Mia Yim

In some happy news that should make everyone smile, Keith Lee and Mia Yim got married on Saturday.

While a guest list hasn't surfaced, wrestlers such as Shelton Benjamin, Damian Priest, Cedric Alexander, Nixon Newell (Tegan Nox), Gail Kim, Big Swole and Leva Bates all showed up in social media posts throughout the day, including this one from Shelton:

The couple got engaged last February while both were part of WWE, and to say the past year has been year has been less than ideal for them professionally would be an understatement. Lee debuted on the main roster in August 2020, defeating Randy Orton in his first match, but it would be all downhill from there, as he experienced start-and-stop pushes and was off TV for long periods of time. He was finally recast as "Bearcat" Lee after the WWE draft in October and seemingly was set for a decent push.

Yim, on the other hand, was saddled with the gimmick of Reckoning as a member of RETRIBUTION. After the group disbanded, Yim returned to her original name and was moved over to SmackDown, but both she and Lee were released from WWE along with 16 other wrestlers on November 4.


Lee and Yim's WWE no-compete clauses expired just a few days ago, and already the Limitless One is rumored to be debuting in AEW as soon as Wednesday's Dynamite, with Tony Khan promising a new signing.

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