Keith Lee Gets New WWE Gimmick In Raw Dark Match?

The former NXT Champion's new nickname could be a tribute to a WWE Hall of Famer...

Keith Lee

Keith Lee was introduced with a new nickname at last night's WWE Raw tapings in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Competing in a dark match prior to the main card, Lee was announced as "Keith 'Bearcat' Lee" while making his way to the ring, according to those in attendance:-

'Bearcat' is likely a reference to WWE Hall of Famer Edward Wright, who used that as his nickname during a wrestling career that stretched from 1952 to 1975. Above all else, Wright was known for his efforts in desegregating wrestling, having once declared he would no longer participate in any segregated promotion or territory.

On top of this, PWInsider's Mike Johnson notes that the former NXT Champion is currently growing a new beard in, having spent much of his main roster run clean-shaven.


There is currently no word on when Lee will return to company television. The 36-year-old hasn't appeared on Raw since defeating Karrion Kross on the 2 August episode, having returned from a scary bout with COVID-19 two weeks prior to that, falling to Bobby Lashley in a contendership match.

As reported last month, Vince McMahon may be considering repackaging Lee as a monster heel - a role he has never played in WWE.


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