Kelly Kelly Confirms WWE Return At WrestleMania 33

The former Divas Champion wants one last "mini-run" with the company.

Kelly Kelly Smackdown

Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly was backstage at Raw last week and with rumours of a number of former female talents returning for WrestleMania 33, her presence wasn't a coincidence.

Interviewed for WWE's YouTube channel, Kelly stated that she'd be present at WrestleMania Fan Axxess this year, and didn't rule out one last run with the company She has since gone one step further during an appearance on Conversations with Maria Menounos this week, stating that she'll also be at the Hall of Fame ceremony and Mania itself:-

"I don't know if I'm going to be wrestling, per se, but I will be at WrestleMania, the Hall of Fame, and I'm going to do some Axxess signings."

Kelly also stated that she'd be open to another mini-run with the company, and admitted to speaking with WWE's Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano on the subject last week.

She carefully avoided the subject of whether she'd be inducted somebody at the Hall Of Fame or not, but the interview all but confirms WWE plans to use former females at WrestleMania. The likes of Victoria and Katie Lea Burchill have also been rumoured for an appearance, though there has been no concrete news on either.

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