Kelly Kelly Speaks With The Ghost Of Former WWE Star Test

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry reconnects the former lovers.

Kelly Kelly

Hollywood medium Tyler Henry has filmed an upcoming episode of his aptly titled show Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry with former WWE star Kelly Kelly making an appearance.

The episode, which will air this Sunday, will apparently also feature a cameo from none other than Andrew "Test" Martin.

Test's appearance on the show seems a bit unlikely, because, as you may recall, he passed away in 2009.

Kelly and Test had dated while they were on the ECW roster together, but split up before his death. Apparently their love transcends this earthly realm.

In the promotional clip that E! has released, Henry makes note of a man who passed away before the prime of his life. Kelly loses her composure, says it was Test, and Henry follows up by saying Test knows what happened in February, and is glad she moved on.

Amazingly, she revealed she was married in February! Holy crap!

That's either definitive proof of the afterlife and that Test is still out there somewhere, or Henry looked at Kelly's Wikipedia article for 30 freaking seconds, saw that she once dated Test, and that she was married on Feb. 27th in Mexico.

It's up to the viewer to decide.

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