Kenny Omega Almost BANNED From Japan For 10 Years?

Ugly wrestling politics is back, bay-bay!

Dynamite Kenny Omega
Scott Lesh

Kenny Omega recently flew to Japan in order to return to his old stomping ground, DDT. According to a wild report in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he encountered trouble.

Omega, writes Dave Meltzer, was "stopped going into the country. It’s the third time this has happened since he left New Japan. Something happened where there was an attempt to get him banned from going to Japan for ten years. He did get in, like he has every time, and worked the show. But he was very bitter about New Japan and Nick Jackson made a cryptic tweet about New Japan."

That is...pretty incredible.

Meltzer and the Elite are alluding here to New Japan, out of spite from his departure earlier this year, directly obstructing Omega's path to the country. This might explain Omega's willingness to send up his old friend Kota Ibushi on the halloween edition of Dynamite, the Undertale-inspired vignette in which took an antagonistic stance to the promotion.

Omega essentially made the decision to leave as IWGP Heavyweight Champion, the title he claimed at the expense of the most audacious, record-breaking reign in company history. Since he was also the face and impetus behind the western expansion, you can sense why they are slow to forgive.

"F*ck you, I am Gedo," indeed.

If a missing ambulance delays AEW Full Gear on Saturday, we'll already know our first suspect.

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