Kenny Omega Featured In WWE Story Time?

But WWE wouldn't be that petty, would they...?


Would WWE ever be as petty as to feature a knock-off animated version of one of their main rival’s hottest stars? Never…

Upon watching the first two episodes of the new season of WWE Network’s WWE Story Time, it soon becomes apparent that a recurring no-name loser bears a striking resemble to a certain Best Bout Machine.

Take a look below to see what we mean.


Yep, this unidentified figure has a remarkable likeness to none other than AEW mainstay Kenny Omega – or, as our own Michael Hamflett brilliantly put it, Lenny Fauxmega.


Not only does this nameless jobber – seen getting slapped around in WWE Performance Center and indy show-set skits in tales told by Kevin Owens and Xavier Woods – have Kenny’s face and hair, but he also has extremely similar gear to that worn by Omega during his time contracted to WWE.

Omega signed a WWE developmental deal in October 2005, with him spending that time in the Deep South Wrestling facility. Unhappy with how the likes of Bill DeMott and Jody Hamilton ran DSW, Omega was requested and was granted his WWE release the following August.


Since then, Omega has gone on to make himself one of the biggest stars on the planet – and he’s reportedly turned WWE contract offers on three separate occasions.

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