Kenny Omega Responds To Criticism Of AEW's Women's Division

Are the recent criticisms as off-base as Omega claims?

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Kenny Omega responded to the growing criticisms of AEW's women's division during a rare Twitter Q&A session last night, offering the following response to user @zeeco__'s question:-

This came shortly after 'The Best Bout Machine' had named Riho, Hikaru Shida, and Kris Statlander as the scene's biggest standouts:-

Omega's defensive response is understandable, given his involvement in the division. It's widely known that the Canadian is at least partly responsible for booking AEW's women and he also played a big role in the joshi link-up that has resulted in the likes or Riho, Shida, and Emi Sakura working for the promotion. He's very, very close to it, so of course he takes it to heart.

Regardless, acknowledging the "actual constructive criticism" is key here. This week's Dynamite saw the division take several steps back as the Riho vs. Statlander title fight was needlessly derailed by overbooked angles. On top of this, many of the critiques thrown at the scene since its inception have been warranted, despite the talent involved.

Omega had previously promised to bring big changes and new signings to AEW's women's division in 2020. Let's see if that holds up.

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