Kenny Omega Shoots On Vince McMahon

Shots fired in an endless war.

AEW/Lee South

Another incredibly endearing Kota Ibushi story surfaced earlier this week, when it was revealed by sirLARIATO on Twitter that, after a 2016 WWE Cruiserweight Classic match, the eccentric genius "high-fived a big man" he had no idea was WWE COO Vince McMahon.

If that reads as implausible, you should probably brush up on your history of the man.

Dave Meltzer quote tweeted the story, vouching for its accuracy, and Ibushi's longtime friend and AEW World Tag Team Champion Kenny Omega appeared to have a dig at the man who has spent the last nine months attempting to run AEW out of business:

"Hard to believe, but yeah, some of the most talented wrestlers in the world aren’t constantly walking on eggshells and scared sh*tless of their boss."

Another fired shot in a wrestling war that is fantastic on Wednesdays but exhausting on Thursdays, this one was at least cathartic and plain nice. Omega stuck up not for the quality of his show, but for his friend, who received accusations (that brilliantly, he won't have a Blue's clue about) of making up the story.

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