Kenny Omega Thanks KENTA After Using GTS On AEW Dynamite

The Best Bout Machine was quick to thank KENTA after utilising the GTS.


With last night's Chicago-held episode of AEW Dynamite bringing plenty of CM Punk references, Kenny Omega has taken to social media to thank KENTA.

During the Elite's trios bout with Death Triangle, the Best Bout Machine hits PAC with the GTS. Of course, many immediately saw this as Omega taking a shot at a certain Second City Saint. Instead, Kenny put out a tweet thanking KENTA, seemingly for allowing him to use the manoeuvre.

While more mainstream audiences may forever associate the Go To Sleep with CM Punk, it was actually KENTA who originated the move.


In an electric back and forth bout - which was won by Death Triangle - Omega bit the arm of PAC in a nod to reports that Ace Steel had bitten the Canadian in the post-All Out brawl. Then there was a bungled Buckshot Lariat attempt, poking fun at Punk's unsuccessful attempt at hitting that move against 'Hangman' Adam Page at Double or Nothing.


All of this action played out in front of a Wintrust Arena crowd that passionately chanted "F**k The Elite!" and "CM Punk!" through large parts of the match... although there were times where those chants changed to "F**k CM Punk!" and "This Is Awesome!".

As of this writing, CM Punk is still contracted to AEW, although the belief is that the two parties are currently negotiating a buyout of the Straight-Edge Superstar's contract.

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