Kenny Omega To Undergo Surgery "Very Soon"

'The Cleaner' talked about surgery, possibly returning to early AEW form, and more on his stream.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega will be heading into surgery "very soon."

'The Cleaner' revealed this during his Twitch stream (via Fightful), noting how he would be going under the knife in the not too distant future, and that, while the surgery itself is a "major" one, "if there is one person I feel the most confident with, it's this dude," when talking about the "wonderful doctor" who would be performing said operation.

And while this will unfortunately mean that 'The Best Bout Machine' will have to step away from streaming for a bit, Omega is still feeling optimistic about the future.


In fact, despite at one point it looking like the AEW EVP would have to step away from the ring entirely due to his diverticulitis diagnosis and the information he was given previously before meeting with this "top of his field" doctor, after looking at the rundown this doc gave him about how he would do the operation the former AEW World Champion now feels like there's a chance he could actually return to the form of his early AEW days.

Kenny was quick to note how his prime days were very much over, and how he actually believed his diverticulitis began during those early AEW days, saying how he just thought the pain in his stomach was the hernia he was suffering from. Omega even expressed an interest in "repackaging" his character for when he returns, too, explaining that "I want to come back differently and bring something new to the table. A lot of same these days. It's making me sick."


Following on from being attacked by his former Elite pals on Dynamite a few weeks ago, Omega announced on this week's show that The Young Bucks, Kazuchika Okada, and Jack Perry would be competing in an Anarchy in the Arena match at Double or Nothing 2024, with their Team AEW opponents being revealed to be FTR, Eddie Kingston, and Bryan Danielson.

Everyone here at WhatCulture sends Kenny all of the best wishes during his recovery.

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